Introducing the WhoKnows Smart Inbox

Earn money for your favorite charity by responding to relevant business emails

Are you overwhelmed with business emails?

You receive business emails including sales pitches, requests, proposals, and more. People in sales, marketing, biz dev, recruiters, etc are all paying top dollar to reach you.  We believe that your time and attention is precious, so you should be compensated appropriately.

The WhoKnows Smart Inbox will allow you to set your price for your time.  Anyone who wants to reach you will then have to pay that amount. Lastly, once you start earning money for your responses, we will make donations in your name to your favorite charity.

How it works

  1. Set your inbox price: How much is your time worth?  You can choose any amount from $1 up to $1,000.  Remember it takes about 60s to respond and this is for charity!
  2. Receive relevant business emails: You’ll receive emails from anybody who meets your price and is relevant to your business (no insurance scams or little blue pill emails) .
  3. Earn when you respond: You’ll earn money when you respond to the email.  Your response can be either positive or negative (e.g. I’m not interested).
  4. Donate your balance to your charity: Once you’ve earned enough, WhoKnows will make a donation to the charity you select in your name.

Essentially, you’ll earn donations for your charity by receiving and responding to the same business emails you get today.


  • Is it free?


  • Do you need to connect to my email server?

    Not right now although we will be launching features soon that will be enabled when you integrate your email.

  • Do I really earn money even if I say I'm not interested?

    Yes, you can respond saying you're interested or not interested to earn money.  However, if you say you're not interested, we will ask you to select a reason why.

  • Will I receive more emails than I do today?

    Actually, you'll receive less because only those senders that are willing to pay your price will be sent to you.

  • Can I use my work email for this?

    You are earning money for your charity and responding as you normally would to business-relevant emails, so this does not violate any corporate policies.

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