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Look your best and connect with colleagues that can help
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Automatically build your profile
Smart profile recommendations
Leverage your network
Advanced people search
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$100 / mo
Find and recruit the best talent with AI-assisted search
For recruiters, agencies, and talent acquisition pros

Search for over 300M profiles
Import and analyze job posts
Semantic candidate scoring
Contact via email, phone, etc
Get warm intros to candidates
Starting at
$100 / mo
Build micro-targeted prospect lists
For marketing, sales, and business development

Search for over 300M profiles
20+ targeting filters
Semantic lead scoring
Contact via email, phone, etc
Get warm intros to leads
Let's talk
Private corporate network for your talent
For corporate HR, KM, and business units

Network admin
Social network analysis
Knowledge gap analysis
Enterprise-ready platform

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Detailed Pricing for WhoKnows Recruiter & Prospector

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250 $100 $1,000
500 $200 $2,000
1,500 $500 $5,000
3,000 $1,000 $10,000
8,000 $2,000 $20,000
More plans available upon request, contact us

Accurate Profiles

Real-time updates to profile, skills, work history, education, and more.

Advanced People Search

Find the right candidate or lead with our advanced search and filtering.

Email, Phone, & More

View and export email, phone, social links, and more.

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