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Zak MacRunnels, CEO and Co-Founder of Accelerev discusses common situations that frustrate your revenue generating machine which can now be easily remedied – A $1B company wasted 6 months trying to assemble a team to launch a new product in one of their largest regions only to discover that an internal marketing team equipped with the skills to handle the launch already existed. WhoKnows has evolved manual talent management technologies into a “real-time”, automated solution that identifies vital talent within the organization. By leveraging WhoKnows’ unparalleled depths of insights into every employee’s skills and knowledge, the assembly of sales teams is quantified and precise – leveraging the entire organization’s network of relationships to build leads, assembling the perfect sales team with highly specific experiences, and preparing the subject matter experts team as a support group to close deals. Why not maximize your most valuable asset, every employee’s knowledge and expertise in order to help sales teams succeed?

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