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Did you get the right metrics which show the HR value? This is one of the most common questions herd in the HR departments for long now. Data decks, dashboards, and reports generated from information systems are being integrated in the HR departments’ reports since last decades or so. With HR analytics gaining toehold in recent times, it is a great opportunity for organizations to measure and capture the value that the Human Resources Department can create for the business.

HR should collect the ‘right’ data points from the voluminous data available for analysis; work with the analysts to connect the dots and present this data with a case to overcome business challenges. People analytics is a data-driven approach to behavioral science and statistics to human resource management to achieve probability derived business advantages.

WhoKnows has people analytics tools that give you a true insight into an accurate, real-time data to make intelligent business decisions with a single dashboard. It allows you to make accurate reports and visualizations to accelerate your business. Besides this, it also helps you knowing how big is knowledge gap and makes you finally understand what you need to know and whether you’re closing your knowledge gaps. HR data analytics helps a management in gauging employee engagement whether workers have the potential to reach business objectives or not.

WhoKnows also have employee analytics tools which help the users, HR, managers and executives to assess the improvements to employee engagement, enterprise collaboration and retention as well as increased ROI. Organizations can make better decisions for understanding skill gaps, staffing, and employee retention with the help of employee skill software and talent analytics platform.

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