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Most collaboration solutions fail because users are reluctant to broadcast their needs to the entire network which ends up spamming an entire organization. Employees need to scroll and search to find answers or projects where their skills may be in demand.  With the new WhoKnows Smart Match, employees can post areas of help they seek for expertise or an introduction, and WhoKnows curates the network to finds the best-matched colleagues to help without spamming. Employees will also be notified when their skills are in demand thereby driving employee engagement by allowing them to easily identify projects they’d like to work on.  WhoKnows Smart Match drives and increases the culture of collaboration across your organization.

Here’s how it works:

Post what help you need

Regardless of whether you need answers or intros, simply save what help you need either from the WhoKnows home page, search, or browser plugin.  We purposely made it very easy and lightweight because your time is precious.


WhoKnows will find colleague matches

WhoKnows will help you explore your network for the best matches with the expertise and relationships you need then refer them to you.  Even if they haven’t joined yet, you’ll find the best matches over time.


Use your knowledge and relationships to help others

Reciprocally, WhoKnows will recommend colleagues to you that you can help, so pay it forward or backward and help them out too!

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