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Employees are your most important asset, yet you may know very little about their talent which can adversely affect your ability to innovate, retain talent and grow your business. Companies insights into their talent and skill inventory is only as good as the data within your employee profiles. WhoKnows creates the most accurate and validated skills profiles for every employee. Companies using WhoKnows can finally have the actionable insights for HR and executives regarding “who knows what” and “who knows who” to drive innovation, efficiency, and retention.

Here are the questions only WhoKnows can answer:

Who Knows What

Who’s working on what? Where are our experts? What tools are we using to work? How is our corporate knowledge growing over time?

Who Knows What Dashboard


Who Knows Who

What’s the natural org chart in our company? What companies are we working with? Which departments are working most closely together? Who are the connectors within the organization?

Who Knows Who Dashboard



Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Do we know what we don’t know? How effective are we at closing the gap between what we know and what we need to know? Is our knowledge gap growing or shrinking?

Knowledge Gap Dashboard

Slice and dice data throughout your org

Lastly, WhoKnows Insights will let you analyze your data by department, location, or date range to empower your data-driven executives with the same insights your HR and data scientists can access.

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