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Since Labor Day is upon us, we begin to think about our jobs and the work community we are a part of. The greatest challenge currently facing CEOs worldwide is attracting and retaining talent. It is HRs job to find this talent and to create an atmosphere that retains the talent they find. The key is to find the intersection of what your employees need and what your executives need.

Most employees want a work place where they’re able to develop their skills and further their careers. Your CEO wants to see employee retention and operational excellence. The factor that makes both of these dreams a reality is creating a united and global community within your company. Let me explain.

By achieving a tight knit global network, you give your employees a sort of work fluidity and cohesiveness that makes their jobs easier, more enjoyable and less stressful. On the flip side, once this network is achieved, your CEO knows that your company’s collective network, expertise and resources are being fully utilized – reaching operational excellence.

The 17th Annual Global CEO Survey conducted by PWC found that 93% of CEOs recognize the need to change their strategies for talent. If you’re among the 7% that have already achieved this tight global network, congratulations and we hope you’ll be able to share this blog and your experience along with it. If you feel like you probably fall within the 93%, take the first step and gather some data to see where your organization stands.

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