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According to Business Insider, there has been a 44% drop in labor force experts since 2007 due to retiring baby boomers . This loss of long-time field experts is one of the most glaring problems currently facing our economy. The loss of these employees leaves your company with young, less experienced workers trying to fill the shoes of your seasoned veterans. The juxtaposition of these two generations highlights a knowledge gap that needs to be filled. Here are our thoughts on how to handle this transition successfully.

Finding a way to bridge the gap between this generational transition is key in ensuring the success and growth of your company in the future. The easiest and most cost-effective way to approach this problem is to create a simple, direct way for your younger, less experienced employees to learn critical skills from your veterans. Finding a solution that lets you facilitate this interaction to ensure the knowledge transfer is imperative. When the less experienced learn from your field experts, you gain something that is arguably more valuable than filling this generational knowledge gap.

By having a solution that facilitates this learning process, you will inevitably create an open learning community. The ultimate goal in aiding this knowledge transfer from the experienced to the less experienced is to transform your company into an organization that is always learning and building on what it knows. Create an open and highly communicative environment where each one of your employees are constantly developing and furthering their capabilities.

While the generational transition is upon us, and it must be solved quickly, it’s important to understand the bigger implications of this transition. Find a solution that allows you to create an environment where your employees can connect, learn and collaborate with each other.


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