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Employee Engagement Software Definition

Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. Employee engagement tools are used to draw actionable insights from employee feedback. Organizations use employee engagement software to understand employee sentiment, promote company-wide recognition of employee success, and to promote positive activities that benefit the health or wellness of the organization or its employees. Employee engagement software is most commonly implemented in HR departments as either a supplemental tool or direct replacement for the traditional performance review process.

To qualify for inclusion in the Employee Engagement category, a product must:
  • Enable users to conduct employee pulse surveys to gauge employee satisfaction
  • Allow users to design and distribute custom pulse surveys
  • Organize and maintain data collected from pulse surveys for reporting purposes
  • Promote employee recognition through internal communication channels

The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software

There are hundreds of software & cloud based apps for modern recruitment process, at WhoKnows we have handpicked 62 most popular, widely used & recognized vendors in the market.

Note: The list is not in any particular order, and the list is constantly updated, bookmark this page for your future reference & fresh data.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


15Five is a performance management solution that combines employee feedback, pulse surveys, peer recognition and OKR tracking in a lightweight weekly check-in.

Instead of reviewing performance once or twice a year, 15Five gives managers the tools to coach their employees in real-time and bring out the best in them. Employees take just 15 minutes a week to answer questions, managers spend 5 minutes to read and comment on responses, and feedback travels up the ladder through all levels of management.

It allows employees to self-reflect on successes and challenges, stay focused on key objectives, and get regular feedback from managers who support them in reaching their potential.



Bonusly makes work better for everyone, from the new hire to the CEO. It empowers teams across the world to recognize and reward one another for the great work they do day in, and day out.

We founded Bonusly because so many vital contributions go unrecognized and unrewarded every day, leading to disengagement, and employee turnover.

There is a major opportunity for cultural growth and improvement in most organizations, but few truly effective tools to focus on that opportunity.

Bonusly helps organizations across the globe outperform their competition and strengthen their team by fostering a culture of empowerment, positive feedback, and shared purpose.


Culture Amp

Culture Amp’s platform makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback.

Ideal for culture-first organizations with anywhere from 100 to 100,000 employees, Culture Amp is transforming the way that companies everywhere understand and improve their culture.

The approach we’ve pioneered brings together modern psychology, powerful data science, on-demand technology, and the insights and ideas of over 1400 innovative companies and a 40,000-strong community of #peoplegeeks we’ve worked with globally since 2011.

If you are serious about your company’s long term sustainability and success, you need to ask the question: how am I improving my people and culture? Culture Amp provides the answers you need to improve at every level, from the organization and team through to individual managers and team members.


Qualtrics Employee Insights

Qualitrics Employee Insights provides employee survey tools and 360 feedback features that let you measure engagement in real time.


Get Feedback

Measure and improve your customer experience with beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys and powerful real-time analytics. With get Feedback, you can build engaging, mobile-friendly online surveys in minutes. Distribute them through email, on your website, or through any customer service channel. Then translate your insights into action with real-time analytics and custom notifications.

With get Feedback, you can start getting customer insights in minutes, not weeks. Customize built-in survey templates for customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score, employee engagement, sales, events, marketing, and product research … or design your own survey using a variety of question types.


TINYpulse Engage

TINYpulse is a lightweight solution that captures anonymous feedback from your team to reveal insights, trends, and opportunities to improve retention, culture, and results.



To make the world a better place, we need to build a better workplace. This moves beyond perks, benefits, and payroll. It moves beyond engagement, and it moves beyond the bottom line. To build a better workplace, we need to start with employees at the center of it all.

At Energage (formerly WorkplaceDynamics), our employee engagement platform combines cutting-edge HR technology, more than 11 years of Top Workplaces™ research insights, and expert guidance to transform your workplace and build a high-engagement culture.

Powered by proven neuroscience, AI guidance, and an unparalleled database of employee feedback, our platform helps you to unlock the potential of your employees, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results.



Measure employee engagement in real-time with our pulse surveys and get tips to improve based on your results. Officevibe is a complete employee engagement software that allows you to get quick anonymous feedback from all your teams.



Motivosity is a peer-recognition software solution used by companies like HealthCatalyst, BlueHost, and Workfront to improve employee engagement, company culture, and employee motivation. We don’t mess around: 85% of our clients have become best places to work. The platform uses peer-to-peer recognition and bonuses, and our secret sauce of features that result in a 98% adoption rate. We are progressive. Our solution changes the way you see employee satisfaction. And you will love how it works.


Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace delivers smart employee engagement tools for achieving and recognizing workplace awesomeness. When work is awesome, employees are engaged, clients are loyal, and business is good. Quantum Workplace serves more than 5,500 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, action-planning tools, exit surveys, performance management, employee recognition, leadership assessment, and employer of choice recognition. Founded in 2002, Quantum Workplace makes complex data understandable, so it’s easy for organizations to take action. Here’s a quick look at Quantum Workplace’s products and programs:

Engagement Surveys & Pulses
Employee Performance Management System
Exit Surveys
Best Places to Work: Employer of Choice Recognition



Globoforce gives you insight on your company culture and provides means for you to encourage and regulate proper behavior.



CultureIQ is a platform that helps companies strengthen their culture. It consists of software and strategy that enable organizations to make positive, measurable changes to their culture, and a community that connects peers and experts around the topic of culture. CultureIQ helps companies actively engage their culture through an ongoing process of collecting, understanding, and responding to internal feedback to drive employee engagement, retention, and success.



At Fond, we help organizations across industries strengthen company culture through an ongoing commitment to employee happiness. Our employee engagement products are intuitively designed and flexible so companies can tailor rewards, recognition, perks and sentiment measurement programs for maximum impact. Founded in 2012, Fond is headquartered in San Francisco.



The all-in-one Employee Engagement Platform to help HR centralise and promote what’s important to their organisation. From market-leading employee discounts and perks to reward and recognition, wellbeing and internal communications, the platform can be customised with existing (or new) tools to build employee engagement.



Built on best practices and decades of research Engagedly Performance Management Platform, organizations can set and track goals, manage performance appraisals and 360 reviews, provide 1 on 1 feedback and recognize performance. Features include goal management, Manager and 360 Feedback, Peer Praise, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, rewards, social performance. Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive Employee Engagement.



Achievers is a cloud-based employee engagement solution that enables companies to engage, align and recognize their greatest asset—their employees—driving retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and other key business outcomes. With our award-winning technology, unmatched customer service, and industry-leading expertise, Achievers powers the world’s most successful recognition and engagement programs.



HighGround is a transformative employee engagement platform that helps organizations achieve peak performance. The comprehensive solution betters both the employee and manager experience by connecting and aligning organizations through employee-driven goals, continuous check-in conversations, peer-to-peer feedback, social recognition and pulse surveys.

HighGround’s intuitive technology can be tailored to match organizations’ employee engagement goals, providing workforce insights that are essential to understanding organizational health and driving a positive company culture.


Saba Cloud

Saba is a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management. The company helps organizations transform the way they work by enabling the continuous learning, engagement and development of everyone in their people network, including employees, partners, and customers. Supporting the new world of work, Saba delivers learning, performance, succession, career development, workforce planning and compensation solutions that incorporate modern technologies such as social, collaboration, mobile and gamification. Saba solutions are based on the Saba Cloud platform, a highly scalable architecture that exceeds industry scalability, performance, and security standards.



HR and Communication leaders rely on our platform to give all employees the news and information they need to thrive. SocialChorus is the only employee communications platform for complex, distributed workforces.

Everyday our platform allows leaders to reach everyone in their enterprises wherever and however they consume news and information. Employees using SocialChorus are more engaged, informed and connected.


Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software

Engaged employees go the extra mile for their coworkers, their companies and themselves. Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software provides leaders and managers with insights and tools to motivate employees to give their best effort enthusiastically and on their own terms.

Key Features
Employee Engagement Surveys
Employee Engagement Measurement Monitoring
Employee Engagement Reporting and Analytics
Employee Engagement Action Planning



emplo is an online platform which improves business effectiveness through engaging communication. It enhances employee development and performance management thanks to process automation and continuous feedback


Primalogik 360

Primalogik 360 is an online, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable Performance Management service that you can customize to your needs. You can combine the different modules in the platform to automate the different processes:

• Goal tracking
• 360-degree feedback
• Performance appraisals
• Instant feedback and recognition
• Employee satisfaction/engagement surveys
• Employee directory
• and everything conveniently integrated in one tool.



Most HR software companies take a cost-center view of human resources. They offer you nothing more than efficient way to manage your existing spreadsheets.

At Threads, we believe that human resources creates real, long-term competitive advantage for an organization when it’s focused on culture. Threads is the only HR software tool that’s designed to help you build and maintain a best-in-class culture.

With Threads, our customers define culture using their organization’s core values and the key performance objectives for each job title. Then they tie culture to reviews, hiring, and rewarding each person on their team.



Glint provides dashboards and employee pulse surveys to help understand the health of your organization.



Pomello provides employee surveying tools that help managers quantify employee values and motivators.



Sitrion Social

Sitrion Social is an employee app for engaging the entire workforce.



Thymometrics is the world-leading provider of always-on and pulse employee engagement surveys & feedback solutions. Our unique and simple survey enables employees to express their views and feelings about the place they work at any time and via any device.

With Thymometrics’ out-of-the-box analytics for managers, we provide a broad array of flexible and real-time reports, dashboards and trend reports that reveal the mood across any part of the organization, over any chosen date range.


Clarity Wave

EPIC features a Rich Survey Engine, Peer-2-Peer Feedback, Company and Employee Evaluations, Community Team-Building, a robust Recognition Store and more.

EPIC (Employee Perceived Image of the Company) is web-based software that allows both employees and employers to evaluate each other from a cultural, collaborative, environmental and needs perspective. The robust software includes enhanced features that allow for a Manager to assess an employee’s perception of the company, their colleagues and their environment. The data gathered is compiled in real time and kept in a clean, easy to use dashboard within EPIC.

EPIC™ measures a wide array of indicators, not just about your company, but also information about an individual, whether they participate in answering the anonymous surveys or not.


Friday Feedback

Friday Feedback is software for managers, directors, and CEOs to collect consistent feedback from employees. We help you understand each individual’s aspirations and motivations.


Intuo is a straightforward learning management system that enables you to improve performance through training, tracking and reporting tools.



Build a Culture of Appreciation with Kudos Social Recognition

Kudos empowers employees in over 80 countries to recognize the teammates and achievements that make their companies great places to work. With a lack of appreciation consistently cited as a top reason employees leave their jobs, recognition needs to be at the core of your employee engagement strategy. Whether you’re 50 employees or 50,000, a vibrant culture of appreciation starts with the Kudos social recognition system.

Kudos is a private social network that allows you to connect your team to your company and one another through peer-to-peer recognition and enhanced communication. The Kudos system can also help you communicate your brand, connect your team to your culture and reinforce your values. These are the essential elements for creating a foundation for employee engagement.



Limeade increases employee productivity by encouraging healthy living and activities.



OrgMapper is an online organizational diagnostic tool that analyzes and visualizes the human networks your employees use to collaborate, communicate and exchange information over in order to do their daily work. It produces informative network maps and lists of key influencers who have substantial impact on performance, communication, learning, and innovation.



Retroospect provides employee survey management tools to track team motivation levels.



StarmeUp uses gamification techniques to engage users and keep them up to date with what is happening within a organization or work team.



Teamphoria allows you to increase productivity and employee engagement through custom tools and analysis to motivate and recognize your staff.


Qualtrics Employee Engagement

Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) creates a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your engagement program to meet your needs, whether that includes a regular employee census survey or ad-hoc pulse surveys.



Peoplecart is an Engagement & Recognition platform for modern workplaces. Peoplecart is HQ in India and has clientele and sales presence in the North America, Middle East & South East Asia. Game Changers from Peoplecart include: * Single platform for Performance & Alignment * New-age Performance & Goal Management * Rewards & Social Recognition * Analytics through Dashboards & Reports, Gamification tools, Mob Apps * Self Managed Admin Panel * Global Redemption



Ultimate Softwares UltiPro cloud solution is designed to improve the employee experience. With UltiPro, organizations can deliver convenient recruiting and onboarding; process payroll with speed and accuracy; facilitate ongoing employee learning and development; leverage advanced surveys and sentiment analysis; and drive smarter, people-focused results with powerful business intelligence and reporting.



The tool for Human Resource Professionals who need to know their employees are looking at the information they share with the ability to achieve better outcomes. Ving is an engaging, trackable, digital packet full of your information with real time notifications and a dashboard to uncover your best practices. Your Ving may include: video, audio, images, documents, text and surveys.



Track the well-being of your team. Easily.



Modernize your companies Employee Performance by helping them recognize and reward peer-peer activity.



Jive Engage is the only enterprise solution that delivers the leading features of popular social networking, community, collaboration, and content management software in a highly secure enterprise platform. It enables businesses to capture the value of the conversations happening both inside and outside their corporate firewalls, and leverage them to drive productivity and foster engagement.


Brand Integrity Platform

Brand Integrity offers the only cloud-based solution that delivers a 360 degree view into employee engagement, employee recognition and customer loyalty on a single platform. The result is real-time, data-driven insights that drive business outcomes, such as lower turnover, improved NPS, lower employee stress, less customer churn, and more. It’s why more than 60 percent of Brand Integrity’s clients are recognized as “best places to work.”



SJS do more than develop the worlds most advanced wallboard software, we help you create contact centers filled with happy agents who want to work hard for you. Learn how to use the latest agent behavioral science to gain an UNFAIR advantage and make agent disengagement a thing of the past at your contact center.



Analyse and improve your employee engagement with our Engagement Survey software.



SoGoSurvey is a cloud based software for the creation of online surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms with customization, distribution, and reporting tools. With features including an inbuilt library of templates, a common question database, branching, skip logic, drag and drop interface, and more, SoGoSurvey aims to make personalized survey creation as simple as possible.

Designed to provide an all-in-one data collection and analysis platform, SoGoSurvey grants users the ability to create multiple surveys, polls, quizzes or forms for online distribution across a range of platforms including web, email, social media, and SMS. Utilizing the drag and drop interface, users can build surveys either from scratch using a variety of elements and question types or by customizing one of the many in-built SoGoSurvey templates. Users can add branching and skip logic to enhance and personalize the respondent’s experience, and to ensure that no time is wasted on irrelevant questions.


Performance Pro

Performance Pro by HR Performance Solutions is a web-based, comprehensive performance appraisal software for HR professionals. Performance Pro is entirely customizable, making it simple to keep employee focus on a company’s strategic goals. The system can automate the entire process, from ongoing check-ins to standard appraisals. It comes complete with all the tools management needs to administer simple and effective evaluations.

Performance Pro comes with intuitive dashboards, customizable templates, writing assistance, and powerful reporting. Competencies are measured by behaviorally-anchored rating scales. Employee’s goals are easily cascaded with the rest of the organization, to better align with the established objectives. It comes with pre-built templates for specific job titles, all of which can be modified. Management also has access to a robust library of resources for best practices for evaluating employees.



The collective wisdom of your employees or customers is vast and waiting to be tapped. Bloomfire is a knowledge base built to engage users in open, honest knowledge sharing that makes the whole organization more innovative and profitable. Bloomfire works by capturing, archiving, and growing the knowledge that already exists within or about your organization.

It captures the expertise of the people you work with
It learns what is most relevant to you
It delivers the content you need to get work done



Web Human Resource (WebHR) is a cloud based HR application. WebHR makes it easy for the HR Department to start managing their HR effectively and efficiently in less than 20 minutes. It is an indispensable tool not just for HR Manager but for the entire organization.

WebHR facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. In fact, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department.

WebHR acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology. It allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.



ClearCompany helps companies find, hire and manage talent with their Talent Management Software. The ClearCompany platform manages the entire employee lifecycle, creating a better hiring experience, seamless onboarding processes, goal alignment across teams, and efficient performance management systems.


AskNicely NPS Software

AskNicely is a SaaS-based online survey solution for businesses to create & distribute survey with the intended respondents and measures the feedbacks & ratings using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework. It is a conventional survey scoring system which helps businesses to measure survey rating and monitor their customer feedback. The solution is offered by New Zealand based software developer, AskNicely which provides NPS based survey and marketing automation solutions.

AskNicely allows to design surveys, assign scores to questions within the survey and analyze response rate automatically. With daily NPS monitoring feature, users can track the live survey score and monitor daily customer feedback to create a customer focused environment. The real-time reporting functionality allows to pull-in survey scores and creates customizable reports for monitoring business performance and sharing the results with various stakeholders.


Key Survey

Key Survey is a survey management solution offered by WorldAPP to handle the requirements of medium to large sized organizations. The product offers an extensive feature set that allows users to create, manage and analyze survey data and increase survey completion rates by intelligently guiding the respondents. Users can get multiple survey solutions that include enterprise feedback, employee engagement, market research and voice of customer surveys to meet the varying needs of an organization.

Key Survey offers a contact manager which acts as a centralized repository by combining a user database, address book and data storage in one place. It allows users to view and manage survey participants by grouping data as per participant type, region, purchase history or creating their own custom fields. Contact records from other databases such as PeopleSoft, Oracle and can be synchronized through API integration thereby ensuring that the contact list is always up to date.



Hyphen ( is an “internal Glassdoor” that changes how companies listen to and engage with their employees. Hyphen allows companies to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting company culture.

A complete employee engagement solution which lets companies collect their people data (Qualitative & Quantitative) using Hyphen Surveys, Pulse Polls and Bottom-up crowdsourced anonymous employee conversations.

Using powerful analytics & machine learning algorithms, the management, HR teams & leadership can identify pockets of problems and understand the heart-beat of their organization thus enabling successful people initiatives.


WorkTango Pulse

WorkTango Pulse is an agile performance management & employee engagement software which allows users to collect employee feedback and measure employee engagement through intuitive dashboards and custom pulse surveys. Users have access to a question library and multiple languages, plus customizable questions and branding.



When people are happy at work, feel connected to the customers and aims of the organisation, feel capable in their role and feel part of a team they work harder, deliver more, take less time off sick and are more likely to stay. WeThrive enables organisations of all sizes to understand how close to that ideal state each person feels, where the opportunities are to improve it and action plans to make the change.


PerformYard Talent

PerformYard Talent is a goal and performance management software which allows users to create and manage performance review processes and strategies. PerformYard Talent is designed to align performance reviews, goals, and feedback through a centralized web platform and supports employee assessments with continuous feedback, 360 reviews, annual reviews, project-based reviews, recognition, and client feedback.

Users can manage employee performance with customizable performance reviews, goal tracking, and status reporting capabilities. PerformYard Talent allows users to create, track and align goal achievements to performance reviews. Real-time updates enable employees and managers to track progress, before engaging in coaching discussions. Notes and shout-outs allow users to document and highlight exceptional performance.



STAYview is a cloud-based stay interview software from HRsoft designed to assist managers and HR in creating, automating, and optimizing a stay interview program for their company, to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. Included are customizable interview templates and stay plans, along with an interview wizard and video tutorials to support managers throughout the stay interview process.

STAYview’s built-in interview templates are designed to offer structure for one-on-one interviews between employees and line managers, with tips, basic questions such “What are you learning here?” and “Why do you stay here?”, and further probing questions to gain further insight into employee responses. The stay interview wizard walks users through the stages of the process, from preparation, through the interview, to the creation of stay plans.



PeopleFluent is a complete cloud-based suite designed to help HR teams engage employees with recruiting, training, performance management, analytics & planning features.

PeopleFluent comes with flexible and customizable sourcing capabilities (continuous, evergreen pools, post-and-fill, multi-seat, etc.) to collaboratively screen and engage candidates. PeopleFluent handles compliance & diversity management (OFCCP / EEOC) for audits and onboarding. The solution integrates talent acquisition data into HRMS, ERP, CRM and payroll.

PeopleFluent performance management features support HR teams and managers in setting and aligning corporate goals with employees thanks to real-time data and analytics. With coaching, alerts, analytical and communication tools, the software also helps manage compensation. PeopleFluent handles learning and succession management with skill building, collaborative workspaces and pipeline analysis features.



Analyse and improve your employee engagement with our Engagement Survey software.



Recognize is an integrated employee recognition system that offers SMBs a single platform from which to engage with employees and recognize their contribution. Incorporating automatic employee anniversary recognition, on-the-spot social employee recognition and nomination voting, Recognize aims to deliver a smart employee recognition solution.

Designed to promote a positive company culture, Recognize equips users with different employee recognition tools including social gamification, service anniversaries and rewards as well as awards and nominations. In order to manage rewards effectively, Recognize enables users to create their own rewards catalog complete with experiences which employees can redeem with points. Besides rewards, users can create certificates of recognition, produce badges of recognition and send employees text messages of recognition easily.


Employee Effectiveness

Employee Effectiveness – provided by Culture Amp – is a cloud based employee effectiveness software suitable for businesses of all sizes. Employee Effectiveness was designed by data scientists and organizational psychologists to provide a 360 degree feedback platform that is comfortable for both respondents and recipients to use.

Employee Effectiveness proficiently separates ‘feedback’ from ‘evaluation’ and enables both managers and employees to deliver valuable insights on the other. The software’s effectiveness methodology is designed to eliminate bias among respondents and worry among feedback recipients.

Employee Effectiveness enables organizations to provide employees with clear, succinct findings in reports which include: areas for improvement, top strengths, etc. Employees can even launch surveys themselves, reducing the work load on administrators.


So there it is…the comprehensive list of some of the most popular Employee Engagement Software Vendors in the market today. How many of you are already using one of these platforms for your business? What was your experience with it? Or do you have any tool or platform that we missed & you want us to include here?

Feel free to share your feedback here, we would love to hear from you…!



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