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For most businesses, it’s the people that are the real asset. They abide to potential growth and innovation in the company. An effective use of people analytics is to understand the existing workforce and drive them to provide a significant commercial advantage. The biggest challenge is to gain insight and analyze it in a completely manageable and repeatable manner.

For improving employee performance and to get a better return on investment, HR data analytics is the best area in the field of analytics for an organization’s human resource department. Data analytics can be the most influential tool for the HR professional and can be used to highlight any employee’s talent. Moreover, it boosts employee engagement in a global firm and ensures its success.

WhoKnows provides in-depth employee skills analysis with their leading software. Their discovery engine helps to unlock 100% tacit knowledge for accurate talent inventory by using the data extracted from user’s profiles, email, and web activity. Nothing is published without the consent of the user, and influencers are identified within the organization. Moreover, it provides actionable insight into the communication path between people across various divisions, departments, teams, and geographies.

With the employee analytics tools or by using people analytics, you can accelerate your business returns. It strives to provide better understanding of employee skills and experience for reliable workforce planning in your enterprise. Gaining insight into employee knowledge gaps as well as the latest trends helps with better staffing and training planning.

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