About Us

Our team is out to revolutionize the way people find, connect, and collaborate with each other.

Executive Team

  • Chris Macomber
    Chris Macomber CEO
  • Zach Layng
    Zach Layng VP of Engineering
  • Barry Rowe
    Barry Rowe VP of R&D

Board of Directors

  • Chris Macomber
    Chris Macomber CEO


  • Toufi Saliba
    Toufi Saliba CEO


  • Alex Daly
    Alex Daly Chairman


  • James Cole
    James Cole Co-Founder and Managing Director

    Windward Ventures

  • Tim Connors
    Tim Connors Founder and General Partner

    PivotNorth Capital

Advisory Board

  • Erik Straser
    Erik Straser
  • Nova Spivack
    Nova Spivack Founder & CEO


  • Doron Rotman
    Doron Rotman Managing Director


  • Alan Boehme
    Alan Boehme Chief of Enterprise Architecture


  • Roger Krakoff
    Roger Krakoff Managing Partner

    Cloud Capital Partners

  • David Gilmour
    David Gilmour Managing Director

    Blyth Capital Partners

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