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Why WhoKnows is better than LinkedIn

SearchProfiles500M300MMachine-enriched profiles from across the globe
Advanced search20+ filters with required vs desired candidate criteria
Diversity hiringBuild more diverse teams based on gender & ethnicity
Smart referralsMeasure relationships for smarter referrals from your network
RankCandidate scoringSemantic gap analysis to rank candidates based on fit
EngageCandidate outreachInMail onlyEmail, phone, & social mediaMultiple options for quicker, more natural candidate outreach
Export listsExport candidates directly into your ATS or CRM
Monthly limit150500Engage with 3x more candidates each month
Pricing$750 per month$100 per monthLimited launch pricing to save over 80% (no annual contract)

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Find the best talent with AI-assisted search

Gain access to over 300 million candidate profiles

  • 20+ plus filters to create laser focus for the exact candidates to shorten the short list.
  • Advanced logic including must have, must not have, and should have criteria.
  • Prioritize diversity candidates by gender and/or ethnicity.

Semantic candidate scoring

Score candidates based upon fit to job criteria

  • Gap analysis of matched and unmatched criteria.
  • Identify candidates via warm referrals.
  • Each candidate is ranked and scored.

Engage with qualified candidates

Connect to top talent more naturally

  • Use email, phone, & social media to engage with candidates.
  • Export candidates to your ATS or CRM.
  • Engage with up to 500 new candidates each month.

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