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New Cloud-Based Solution Uses Machine Learning to Automatically Surface the Contacts of Colleagues to Recommend The Most Useful Connection at the Exact Moment When Needed. WhoKnows Who Works in Conjunction with Existing Enterprise Technology Solutions to Deliver Web-Based Search Results, Eliminating the Time and Expense of Integrating with New Systems.

Mountain View, Calif., (PR Web) October 20, 2014 – WhoKnows, an enterprise platform that uses machine learning and data science to help companies better discover and leverage the skills and expertise within an organization, announces today the launch of their newest cloud-based service, WhoKnows Who. WhoKnows Who helps sales and business development professionals more quickly drive sales by better leveraging the depth and breadth of their employees’ relationships. WhoKnows Who builds upon WhoKnows What, which closes the knowledge gap by helping companies better identify and understand the skills and expertise of their employees.

“Sales and business development professionals still overwhelmingly benefit from personal referrals. In fact, recent studies show that a meeting is much more likely to occur when a warm introduction is made,” says Chris Macomber, CEO of WhoKnows. “However, the focus of today’s online networks has been on quantity of professional contacts, not quality, which is the key factor in opening the door to a potential sale. With WhoKnows Who, we are bringing the focus back to quality. Our proprietary machine-learning platform helps an organization truly understand who in their company has the best connection to a warm lead. We are bringing precision to the sales function in a way that’s never been done before.”

With WhoKnows’ automated relationship discovery, sales and business development professionals can better understand the strength of their colleagues’ relationships, which in turn yields a better likelihood of success in opening the door to a warm sales lead. WhoKnows Who is the only scalable solution for quickly and precisely uncovering collective relationships across an organization.

“The SmartLayer from WhoKnows uses technology that surfaces employee profiles from an organization based on “what” they know and “who” they know. Our industry leading recommendation platform delivers the exact right contact at the moment of a search, which is a result of the underlying power of the machine- learning engine built into our platform. Unlike other platforms that require users to learn a new system, WhoKnows intelligently brings an entire organization’s knowledge to the forefront as any task is performed that requires searching for an answer,” says Toufi Saliba, Chief Technology Officer of WhoKnows. “We believe the future of enterprise technology is to make knowledge workers more efficient, which we’ve been able to achieve by more intelligently mapping the skills and contacts of each member of an organization.”

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