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WhoKnows’ breakthrough enterprise technology identifies “who knows what” in F500 companies with over 92 percent accuracy

Mountain View, CA, November 19, 2013 — WhoKnows today announced it raised Series A financing from PivotNorth Capital, the Citrix Startup Accelerator and angel investors for its breakthrough Enterprise Knowledge Acceleration Platform that revolutionizes how organizations unlock the knowledge and expertise within their companies and enable employees to work more efficiently. The solution provides management with insight into organizational expertise and capabilities and is instrumental in positively impacting enterprise competitiveness and profitability. Whoknows’ Automatic Expertise Discovery Engine utilizes breakthrough technology to accurately determine “who knows what” within today’s enterprises.

“In today’s knowledge economy, companies recognize how vital it is to accurately identify their unique and differentiated organizational skills and proficiencies. With the increased complexity of the modern workplace, it has become harder for knowledge workers to find and connect with colleagues that can help them get their job done. Our customers tell us how employees keep ‘reinventing the wheel’ over and over again, repeatedly researching the same tasks and initiatives which in many cases have already been solved or rejected by others within the organization many times over,” said Toufi Saliba founder and CEO.

“WhoKnows has developed a revolutionary yet intuitive approach that solves the costly and debilitating knowledge gap evident in today’s companies,” said Tim Connors of PivotNorth Capital. “With WhoKnows, employees can easily find the right information and locate colleagues with expertise in a particular field to get projects done more quickly. Now, more than ever, it is essential to be clear about ‘who knows what’ and connect knowledgeable colleagues with knowledge seekers when it matters most.”

“There is a great opportunity for companies to leverage breakthrough social technologies like WhoKnows,” said John McIntyre, managing director of the Citrix Startup Accelerator. “WhoKnows adds great value to the enterprise by improving employees ability to find and share the right information, at the right time, with the right people.”

About WhoKnows
WhoKnows, based in Mountain View, Calif. has developed a breakthrough solution that enables enterprises to understand “who knows what” in their organization and provide methods to help them address the “knowledge gap” within their company. This gap is manifested daily when employees seeking information are unaware of who in their organization has the “know how” to help them get the job done. WhoKnows provides a revolutionary offering that automatically recommends the most suitable colleagues precisely when they are needed while providing executive management with the analytics and tools to better identify and close the corporate knowledge gaps that impede effective business execution. For more info, visit

About PivotNorth Capital
PivotNorth Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in early stage, seed, growth capital, and Series A investments. It seeks to invest in the software sector, both consumer facing and enterprise companies. The firm targets investing between $0.1 million to $3 million. PivotNorth Capital is based in United States.

About Citrix Accelerator
The Citrix Startup Accelerator is the enterprise accelerator. As part of Citrix Labs, it is an applied research group charged with helping Citrix adapt to new technology trends and has a unique approach to investing in early stage companies. Citrix is a cloud company that enables mobile workstyles for more than 330,000 businesses and 100 million users worldwide. The Citrix Startup Accelerator brings world-class innovation practices leveraged by Citrix to talented entrepreneurs globally. Visit

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