About Us – People Analytics Software Team

Our team is out to revolutionize the way people collaborate with each other. No more silos, no more throwing over the fence to another team; with our help, we envision an enterprise that is as personal and close-knit as it was in its three-guys-in-the-basement days.

Executive Team

  • Chris Macomber
    Chris Macomber CEO

    Chris has over 19 years of product management experience in the technology industry and a fondness for introducing kick-ass products that disrupt large markets and delight customers. He was most recently at Lytro as the Director of Product Management, where his team launched the first light-field camera. Prior to WhoKnows and Lytro, he held multiple product management positions at Reputation.com, Intuit, Cisco, and Sapient.

  • Barry Rowe
    Barry Rowe VP of R&D

    Barry leads the team responsible for each one of the 70 billion daily transactions for every 1000 users of the system. He continues to bring significant sophistication to the analytics engine development and works to ensure smooth interactions to other products. Barry is constantly looking for ways to not only enhance the accuracy, but also the efficiency of the entire engine.

  • Joanne Hernon
    Joanne Hernon Director of Sales

    Joanne has over 16 years of Enterprise sales experience with a proven track record of creating winning sales strategies and building sales teams. Prior to WhoKnows, Joanne was the owner of a boutique consulting firm providing sales consulting, lead generation services and directed marketing initiatives to cloud computing and SaaS start-ups looking to sell into F500 accounts. She has built and maintained partnerships with companies like Oracle and Salesforce.com and has sold to marquee accounts including Hilton, Kraft Foods, Motorola, and Emerson.

Board of Directors

  • Chris Macomber
    Chris Macomber CEO


  • Toufi Saliba
    Toufi Saliba CEO


  • Alex Daly
    Alex Daly Chairman


  • James Cole
    James Cole Co-Founder and Managing Director

    Windward Adventures

  • Tim Connors
    Tim Connors Founder and General Partner

    PivotNorth Capital

Advisory Board

  • Erik Straser
    Erik Straser
  • Nova Spivack
    Nova Spivack Founder & CEO


  • Greg Lindahl
    Greg Lindahl Chief Technology Officer

    Blekko – IBM

  • Doron Rotman
    Doron Rotman Managing Director


  • Alan Boehme
    Alan Boehme Chief of Enterprise Architecture


  • Steven Skinner
    Steven Skinner President

    Millennium Solutions

  • Reginald Acloque
    Reginald Acloque CIO


  • Roger Krakoff
    Roger Krakoff Managing Partner

    Cloud Capital Partners

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