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Introducing WhoKnows

WhoKnows helps organizations automatically discover expertise and professional relationships for every employee.
Then, we contextually recommend the right colleague at the right time in your favorite search engines, enterprise tools, and web apps.

Right Colleague, Right Time

WhoKnows works where your team works – no change in behavior needed: we contextually recommend the best colleague to introduce and help your employees in any web app, CRM, or search engine.

Rich, Up-To-Date Profiles

Knowledge map your entire organization: facilitate successful strategic planning and identify knowledge gaps. Gain unparalleled insights to grow and reward employees, measure results and harness strengths.


With countless corporate clients using private-server and cloud deployed versions of the platform within their system, WhoKnows has been connecting employees to the colleagues they need at the time they need them.

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Our Clients

243 Fortune 500 clients can’t be wrong

Enterprises around the world use WhoKnows to accelerate sales, map and identify talent, assemble teams and track performance. Plug and play from day one, we help you leverage the habits of your employees and existing software (Social Collaboration, Social CRM and Relationship Intelligence) instead of work around them.

Awards and Recognition

Discover and Connect

As organizations across the globe realize that it’s time for customer-centric communication and collaboration, our platform’s industry-leading skills and relationship discovery engine is being heralded as the answer. WhoKnows is the only solution that can comprehensively unlock your company’s tacit knowledge and relationships to accelerate your sales, innovation, and cross-company collaboration.

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