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Every Organization’s Challenge

Who has the expertise or relationship to help me?

Your colleagues have a lifetime of expertise and maybe even relationships that can help you, but how easy is it to find someone to help unless you already know them? On average, less than 20% of employees share their expertise or relationships which means 80% of your company’s knowledge is inaccessible!

What if you could leverage 100% of your employees’ knowledge?

Sales teams will dramatically accelerate sales through warmer introductions via their colleagues’ relationships as well as faster answers to their prospects by finding the colleague with the right knowledge at the right time. The entire company will benefit with increased collaboration and innovation as finally the full breadth and depth of the employees’ expertise will be at everyone’s fingertips.

Introducing WhoKnows

WhoKnows has taken a fresh approach to unlocking your company’s expertise and relationships with two unique differentiators.

Automatically build your enterprise network

The WhoKnows Discovery Engine will automatically derive expertise and relationships for every employee just based on their normal work done online. Most importantly, everything is reviewed by the user in order to protect the employee’s privacy. Employees love us because we do the grunt work to make them look their best inside the company.

WhoKnows works where you work – no change in behavior needed

The WhoKnows Smart Layer can contextually recommend the best colleague to introduce you or help you in any web app, CRM, or search engine. Simply work in the tools and apps you normally work in, and we’ll recommend help right when you need it the most.

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Our Clients

Over 250 Fortune 500 clients can’t be wrong

Enterprises around the world use WhoKnows to accelerate sales, map and identify talent, assemble teams and track performance. Plug and play from day one, we help you leverage the habits of your employees and existing software (Social Collaboration, Social CRM and Relationship Intelligence) instead of work around them.

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We help companies automatically derive expertise and professional relationships for every employee. Then, we contextually recommend the right colleague at the right time in all search engines and web apps.


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