People Analytics and Corporate Knowledge Capital

Release the Power of Your People, Talent, Knowledge, Expertise

The People Analytics Platform
Based On Who Knows What and Who Knows Who

Right Colleague, Right Time

WhoKnows allows employees to instantly connect from any of their favorite tools without a complicated integration. Seamless execution never looked so good.

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Rich, Up-To-Date Profiles

We know it can be painful to acquire actionable insights without accurate profiles and skillset inventory. WhoKnows keeps accurate and up-to-date profiles so there is no upfront work involved.

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Executive Tools Employees Love

WhoKnows helps employees collaborate in real time by sharing their knowledge and improving team engagement while providing HR and Executives actionable insights into talent.

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People-Powered Analytics

Understanding employee knowledge and skillsets is critical. WhoKnows provides the cirital insights and data you need to accelerate your business and retain talent.

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The Right Analytics Platform to Know Who Knows What

Enterprises around the world use WhoKnows to map and identify talent, assemble teams and track performance. Plug and play from day one, we help you leverage the habits of your employees and existing software (Social Collaboration, Social CRM and Relationship Intelligence) instead of working around them.

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Why WhoKnows

  WhoKnows derives and recommends expertise automatically.

  WhoKnows provides seamless implementation without technical integration.

  Real-time, accurate insight and collaboration across your entire organization.

  Instant access to employee knowledge data with real-time reporting.

  Leverage relationships inside and outside your company to expedite time to market.

Our Clients

Enterprises around the world use WhoKnows to accelerate sales, map and identify talent, assemble teams and track performance. Unlock 100% of your employees’ knowledge and skills so you can leverage workforce talent into actionable company insights.

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Automatically build your enterprise network

The WhoKnows Discovery Engine will automatically derive expertise and relationships for every employee just based on their normal work done online. Most importantly, everything is reviewed by the user in order to protect the employee’s privacy. Employees love us because we do the grunt work to make them look their best inside the company.

WhoKnows works where you work –
no change in behavior needed

The WhoKnows Smart Layer can contextually recommend the best colleague to introduce you or help you in any web app, CRM, or search engine. Simply work in the tools and apps you normally work in, and we’ll recommend help right when you need it the most.

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